Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding and It’s Causes

Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be a scary thing if it happens to you. Women often experience abnormal vaginal bleeding at least once in their lifetime, whether it’s a serious problem or not. Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be from a wide array of different reasons, and it also depends on the time of life when a woman is experiencing it. For example, if a young woman experiences abnormal vaginal bleeding before the typical time when she is supposed to develop her menstrual cycle, this is determined as abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding can be considered abnormal for different reasons such as:

  • Vaginal bleeding when your period is not expected
  • When your menstrual cycle is heavier or lighter than it usually is from your personal experiences
  • When it develops in a time in life that it’s not expected, such as at a young age, during menopause, or while you are pregnant

There are so many different reasons why a woman can have abnormal vaginal bleeding and it’s causes, it’s best to visit your local doctor to determine what the underlying problem is. However, if you are experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding it does not always mean there is a serious problem, so try not to jump to conclusions, but do visit your doctor to be on the safe side.

If you are pregnant and experiencing bleeding like your period, you should definitely visit your doctor, it can mean a problem with the pregnancy but it could also be nothing to worry about. If your experiencing vaginal bleeding that is quite heavy before you have reached the 12 week mark in your pregnancy, you must see your gynecologist. It could mean that the pregnancy is ectopic, and this needs to be treated right away.

Ovulation can also sometimes cause abnormal bleeding before the time of your period. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition where a woman’s hormones are imbalanced and this interferes with your menstrual cycle, which can lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding. If you have started a new birth control pill recently, this can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding and can also cause a woman to not have a period at all after a while. IUD’s can also cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, and this is normal.

Sexually transmitted diseases and infection in the pelvic organs can also cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. Sexually transmitted diseases are usually the cause of infections in the pelvic organs, and this problem should be treated right away.

If you’re experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding and live in the Brooklyn area, come and visit us at New Life Wellness Center. We have a friendly staff of nurses and doctors who can help treat your problems quickly.


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