Family Planning Methods

In the times we live in there is more than just the typical condom or birth control pill to choose from when deciding on how to go about family planning. This is an important decision as some options are better for some people and lifestyles, but with the many different options it can become overwhelming and difficult to choose from the array of products on the market.

Natural Family Planning

This is the most confusing and not the most fool proof ways of family planning there is to choose from. When a woman decides to naturally prevent pregnancy she and her partner keep track of her ovulation cycle and avoid sex when the time is upon them. The failure rate is high at 25 percent, out of 100 women using this method will become pregnant.

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods are when a condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap is used to prevent pregnancy. The condom prevents the sperm from entering the woman’s body, the diaphragm blocks the entrance to the uterus, and the cervical cap does the same as the diaphragm, but can stay inside the body for a long period of time. The failure rate for these methods are 11-20 percent.

Oral and Topical Methods

Oral and topical methods include the birth control pill or the patch to prevent pregnancy. If the woman decided the time is right to start a family she can simply stop taking the pill or stop wearing the patch. The failure rate using this method is 5 percent.

Injection Method

This is great for women who have a hard time remembering to take a pill every day. The shot is the Depo-Provera injection, and it is administered four times a year, and has a failure rate of 1%.

Internal Methods

IUD’s are internal uterine devices that are inserted into the uterus by her gynecologist. This device can stay inside the woman’s body for several years, and if she decided to become pregnant the doctor will simply take it out. It has a failure rate of 1%.

Sterilization Methods

Men and women both can have surgical procedures done to permanently prevent pregnancy. These are the best option for only couples who have had at least one child and know for sure they don’t want anymore. It’s not a fool proof procedure but the failure rate is 1%.

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