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Does a cesarean section stem from a “cascade of intervention”?

Interventions increase the likelihood of a cesarean section This article on the likelihood of a cesarean section originally appeared on http://birthbythenumbers.org on June 12, 2013. Looking at a cesarean section, one way to examine the impact of interventions is to explore the consequences of what has been termed the “cascade of intervention,” with one intervention increasing the likelihood of others that…

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What Women’s Bodies are Telling Us about Modern Maternity Care

Modernized Maternity Care This article appeared originally on http://scienceandsensibility.org on June 18th, 2015 by Sharon Muza. By Christina Gebel, MPH, LCCE, Birth Doula Christina Gebel, MPH, LCCE, Doula writes a reflective post examining current birthing conditions to see how today’s practices might be interfering with the the normal hormonal physiology and consequently impacting women’s ability…

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Rethinking Childbirth

Rethinking Childbirth: Just as Nature Intended New Life Wellness NY’s revolutionary new birthing center will provide a more natural approach to child birth and a great birthing option for expectant moms that will have many rethinking childbirth.  In low risk healthy moms-to-be giving birth outside of a hospital setting with a midwife or in a birthing center…

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What is a Pap Test and Who Should Get One?

#157312797 / gettyimages.com The question you may have is what is a pap test and who should get one? A pap test also known as a pap smear is a test that checks for cancerous and precancerous cells in the cervix within the female body. This test is a simple yet very effective screening tool…

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