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Important Information on the Zika Virus

Information on Zika Virus Testing (outside of New York City) Via the Department of Health Embed from Getty Images 1. Talk to your health care provider about Zika. At this time, you can get tested if you: • Are pregnant, and travelled to a place where Zika virus was being transmitted while you were pregnant…

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Planning for your Preconception Doctor Visit

#483636419 / gettyimages.com When you make the big decision in your life that you are ready to try to become pregnant, it’s important to plan a visit to your OBGYN. They will be able to help you along the way during conception and can answer any burning questions you might have. There are some things…

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Preparing for Your Gynecological Exam

#169280700 / gettyimages.com When preparing for your gynecological exam, there are many things you should know. Whether it’s your first visit or not, there are some important steps to take before you show up at the gynecologist appointment. If this is your first time visiting a certain gynecologist you will need to be more prepared,…

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