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Failure To Lubricate Is The Hallmark of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

November 3, 2016

The DSM-IV defines female sexual arousal disorder as persistent or recurrent inability to attain, or to maintain until completion of the sexual activity, an adequate physiologic response (lubrication, swelling) of sexual excitement.’ It is analogous to erectile dysfunction in men. In women, however, it may be difficult to distinguish this condition from primary desire disorder,…

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Stick-With-Able-Weight Loss With UNJURY

June 8, 2016

Stick-With-Able-Weight Loss With UNJURY Stick-With-Able-Weight Loss is POSSIBLE with UNJURY! The leading reasons diets fail is hunger. Research shows that protein helps satisfy hunger, and whey works best at satisfying that hunger. UNJURY provides you with the purest, most dense whey protein available. UNJURY helps you get in more of the highest quality protein, without…

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Eating Right As a Senior

Eating Right As a Senior Eating right as a Senior is harder than it looks. More than 1 in 4 Seniors don’t get enough protein, according to long term clinical studies. Why? Sometimes you’re just not hungry, or you’re avoiding red meat, eggs, cheese. They are good sources of protein — but they have fat…

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The Importance of Protein Supplements After Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Protein Supplements After Weight Loss Surgery UNJURY protein supplements are recommended at America’s Top Rated Hospitals – and there is a great reason for that. The job of your protein supplement is to help you reach your weight loss goals, and then maintain that success. Other proteins just don’t do that as well…

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Rebuild Your Strength and Energy During Cancer Therapies

Rebuild Your Strength and Energy During Cancer Therapies #1 Obstacle to Cancer Recovery The National Cancer Institute Has This To Say: The National Cancer Institute website, notes that cachexia is an important obstacle to recovery: “Cachexia, a progressive wasting syndrome evidence by weakness and a marked and progressive loss of body weight, fat, and muscle.…

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UNJURY for Control of Diabetes

June 7, 2016

UNJURY for Control of Diabetes UNJURY can be an important tool for control of diabetes for a good number of Type 2 diabetes patients. Here’s how: Protein as part of a balanced diet promotes weight loss and control of A1c Weight Loss + good A1c = Type 2 Diabetes patients the best chance of long term…

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Diabetes Checkup Checklist

May 9, 2016

Diabetes is very serious. It is recommended that you get tested regularly. We are providing you with a detailed checklist that will help you understand more in depth these tests. Take this checklist the next time you visit your doctor. Need help managing your diabetes? Come and see one of our doctors who can help to…

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Do I Really Need a Yearly Breast Exam?

Embed from Getty Images Do I Really Need a Yearly Breast Exam? Did you know that it is you (yes you) who will most likely be the one to notice any changes in your breast before your doctor does?The answer is a resounding YES! Actually, you should be doing a self-check of your breasts every…

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Why Do I Need a Pap Smear?

Embed from Getty Images Why Do I Need a Pap Smear? Pop quiz! Are you a woman? Are you over the age of 21? Are you sexually active? Do you have a cervix? Why get a Pap smear? Cervical cancer screening is important and life saving If cancer is caught early, then chances of successful…

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Hepatitis B Guidelines for Pregnant Women

May 5, 2016

Hepatitis B Guidelines for Pregnant Women What is hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is the most common serious liver infection in the world. It is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that attacks liver cells and can lead to liver failure, cirrhosis (scarring) or cancer of the liver later in life. The virus is transmitted through contact…

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